I would consider my trip to Boston a complete success. A bit before the main season, with several inches of snow evident. All in a days work for the authorities who have a habit of piling it at the side of the road, tiping some grit on it and waiting for it to melt.
At the Lenox
Beacon Hill Burying Ground
Federal Hill, Providence
My alter-ego, Ephraim Sprague, steels himself for an assault on the mythos in the luxurious surroundings of the Lenox Hotel, Boylston Street.   First stop a little research in the Old Burial Ground on Beacon Hill, which leads to ...   A day trip to Providence. Is that the Shining Trapezion I see before me?  
Copley Square Church
Top of the tower, looking north
Ephraim is sucked through a gate to future Boston, dominated by the glass and steel of the John Hancock Tower. Racing to the top floor...   He frustrates the plans of the Colour Out of Space and seals the gate before it can haul the 'Cheers' cast to a dimension where they might be funny, then returns...   ... to sleepy Federal Hill, Providence and a well deserved rest.