BowlCon is a bit of a tradition among a few die hard viennamobsters, an excuse to spend a weekend away, play games, swear at the TV and generally unwind from the rigours of a New Year. This year we were delighted to return to Malvern and convene at Byll's house for the weekend

'Clash of the Gladiators'


'..Gladiators' closeup


Another new game 'Clippers'


Paul (left) and Byll discuss things PS2


'Merchant of Venus' in full swing

Missing in action is a picture of 'Carrosonne:Hunters and Gatherers' a stand-alone varient of 'Carassonne'. In this one your tribe attempts to dominate it's stone age environment by monopolising rivers, forests and meadows to collect VP's. I won this but in my excitement, or suffit of beery goodnessI had too much camera wobble and the rest of the pics haven't come out very well. Guess thats means it was a good con for me then!!