Board/Card Games
X-Pasch Deluxe I was so impressed I took over the Company!, in this card game for 3-6
Corsairs ravage the high seas in this family game for 2-4 players.
We played Knights at the Bristol Hobbymeet in April, check out my first impressions.
Gangsters, Gunmolls and G-Men An oldie but a goodie, but is it still in print? The name says it all really.
Terra Nova our home grown monster game had an airing in September 01
Waiter! There's a yank in my soup at the Cafe International: The Card Game

Game Conventions

Computer Games
HardWar - in the city of Misplaced Optimism you make your own future in this Flight Sim/Trading game.
Europa UniversalisII - Big board exploration and Empires comes to your PC ... again!

Delta Green: Dark Theatres - post-20's Cuthulhu fiction