John's Token Cardsjpeg sample only!

So you're sick of using beads, nickels, birth control devices as tokens for your Magic games then prehaps the following will help. First up some legal stuff. Magic:The Gathering and lots of other stuff is copyright owned by Wizards of the Coast. The following is no attempt to infringe on their property or future plans, but a service I offer to fellow Magic fans. If anyone has a problem with my tokens I'll pull the plug in very short order. Please don't start trying to sell these cards, Not that I could do anything, but if Wizards, or the copyright owners of some of the works included got to hear of it there would be the devil to pay. I'd be much happier if you just tell your friends the URL, or printed out a few extra copies for them.

Tech Stuffnew tokens

The files are about 2MB PDF, so you will need acrobat reader to view it. Sorry they are so big. Broardband or T1 internet access is always useful.

I originally made A4 sheets full of just one token so I could print onto coloured card, but you will have to be happy with black and white, unless you feel adventurous and get the crayons out. I tend to laminate them for added durability.

OK, so if you're happy, click here

NEW!! Later edition Tokens HERE!

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